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13.07.2013. | PIŠE: Oslobođenje PORTAL

Dodik: Structural dialogue on judicial reform not bringing expected results

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said that the structural dialogue on reform of the judiciary in BiH is not giving the expected results.

"It was the result of a situation and agreement that Catherine Ashton and I reached in Banja Luka, and that agreement very clearly specified the scope of the aims that should be achieved. It is visible that certain things are trying to break down and avoid the previously set goals that must be fulfilled,” Dodik told reporters in Bijeljina.

He said that RS considers that the BiH Constitution must be respected and that the Court and Attorney General, as part of the judicial system, are artificially imposed outside the Constitution and the Dayton Accords.

"Regardless of the political opinion of the Constitutional Court, that decides politically and not legally, it is apparent that the defect of the creation of the Court and the Attorney General remains permanently present, and it must be removed,” Dodik said.

According to Dodik, RS believes that it has sovereign right to a judiciary and a judicial system, and it will stand by those demands in the future.

"All sessions of the structural dialogue are becoming few and painful, because they aren’t giving any result,” Dodik emphasized.

Commenting on the article that refers to the fact that the Court and the Attorney General can take cases of entity courts, the RS president said that this part of the demand must be rejected, as both the Court and Attorney General should reject it, and not just their rights, "because they lack even the right to exist.”

"They don’t have a constitutional or Dayton right, and they don’t have our support,” Dodik said.

He considers that the decision by the Council of Ministers on giving 700,000 KM to the Court and Attorney General is an earlier project in which there was the obligation to provide it, but that Srpska is opposed to any such further allocations and financial guidance in this regard.