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12.06.2013. | PIŠE: Oslobođenje PORTAL

Health condition of Belmina Ibrisevic worsens

“The health condition of my daughter is a little worse,” said Edmir Ibrisevic, father of three-month old Belmina who appeared in front of the Alta Mall in Sarajevo, where a small group of citizens, who continue to express dissatisfaction with the inaction of the state institutions, gathered.

He added that he was not aware of the details of the complications, and today he will again talk with the doctors who should give an accurate diagnosis.

"I need to get a confirmed diagnosis in writing to start collecting funds for Belmina's treatment abroad. Without this, there is always the possibility that someone says that I am raising money for myself, and I want avoid that,” Ibrisevic explained.

He said that the account number will be posted on social networks when the action starts, and called on all people of good will to take part in this, the agony to be completed, but also solved the issue of identification numbers and treatment of other children in a similar situation.

Asked to comment on the fact that the case of his daughter has started a true small revolution, Ibrisevic said he was very pleased that one baby was able to run and unite the people who are divided by politicians.