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06.01.2014. | PIŠE: Oslobođenje PORTAL

Kebo will seek protection of Croats’ vital interest for Krajina dismissal

Mirsad Kebo, vice president of the Federation of BiH, said that he would seek protection of the vital national interest of the Croat people if agreement is not reached on choosing a new finance minister for FBiH to replace Ante Krajina, who was dismissed by FBiH President Zivko Budimir.

Mirsad Kebo

"The FBiH government cannot work without the constitutionally determined number of ministers from the Croat people. That would lead to serious political consequences. All relevant political interests and political forces in the Federation must be respected,” said Kebo, recalling that without his signature no proposal can appear before the FBiH Parliament.

Kebo believes that the selection of Krajina’s successor will not move forward easily as some believe, and that time should be taken to calm the situation connected with Minister Krajina’s dismissal, all the more because this is a very sensitive responsibility that different political and other reasons could collide here.

He says that Budimir’s decision on Krajina’s dismissal in any case just further complicates the situation in FBiH, because of the fact that the decision was not preceded by political consultations, because there is no discussion of any sort of criminality with the finance minister.

"I am surprised by such a decision from Budimir, and with the choice of minister who was dismissed. I think there are no reasons sufficiently strong for dismissal that could be interpreted as a principled stance,” Kebo told Vecernji List.

He was also surprised by the behavior of FBiH Prime Minister Nermin Niksic, who did not withdraw his earlier demand for the dismissal of eight ministers who enabled Budimir to dismiss Krajina.